M84 started in 2015 as a one man company. 2 years later I made a big step to a 3 man organisation. Professionals with the same vision and DNA to make it. All with our own set of skills. Together we can do it all.

I met Rogier on our study on the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and that time we knew that we are important to eachother. Years later our paths crossed again and we had the feeling that we needed to do something together. And here we are. With burning desire to reach new levels on visuals. Later Stan Allende joined us to help us reach it.

We love to work with people who have the same ambitions. That resulted in many great cooperations with other professionals. Our vision is: Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. -Steve Jobs.

Back in the days I was very intrested by all the posibilities in graphic design. That was the reason I never specialize in only one thing. Only one thing is boring, I want it all. So I became a allround designer that have experience in all kinds of thing. Next to that I love to communicate with the clients. In the past I had a couple of sale functions to learn how to listen. Listen to wishes and learned to advise people in the right way. I dont like the slick sales techniques so I did not become a “car salesman” but used this set of skills to translate the wishes of clients into the projects you see on our website.

And now, look at me, Im kicking digital ass with a sick talented team. Love it!


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